When To Seek Career Counseling

The beginning of a new decade, the loss of a job, a change in economic circumstances, a debilitating illness, or an overall feeling of dissatisfaction at work are some reasons why you might question your current work or future career direction.

While assessing where you’ve been and where you’re headed is healthy and important, it’s not always easy to do by yourself.


Sharing your questions with friends or family could complicate matters since they might have their own agendas for you or may unwittingly project their own dreams and goals onto yours.


There are times when working with a career counselor can help you sort through your thoughts, concerns, desires and blocks relating to your career, and develop an effective strategy for moving forward.


Not only can they be objective in helping you evaluate ideas and options, qualified career counselors have professional training and experience focused on the world of work.


Specifically, career counselors should be trained and knowledgeable guides in all three aspects of career transitions:


1.    Self assessment: This process helps you notice patterns in your work history that may provide clues to future options, identify competencies that are transferable to multiple work settings, reflect on life stage priorities that shape how you want to make a difference and consider internal blocks that can hinder your ability to move forward.

2.    Job Search Strategies:  Most career counselors keep up to date on effective ways to learn about and secure jobs, including how to incorporate social media and strategic conversations into a job search plan. Communicating the best ways to project a professional brand through a well-crafted resume, cover letter and an online profile will help you improve your edge over competition.


3.    Marketplace Knowledge: From knowledge of forecasts on emerging careers and requisite training to local prospects and average salary ranges, career counselors are key resources that stay tuned in to marketplace trends locally and globally.


If you’re wondering whether a career counselor might help you evaluate your work situation or advance your career, know that they typically offer a brief phone consultation at no charge to address questions and supplement more detailed information on their website.