When Do You Tell Your Employer You Are Leaving?

Some people just want to be honest. While telling the truth is honorable, discovering the right time to do so is wise. Mary had outgrown her job. She no longer felt challenged by or interested in her day-to-day responsibilities, so she took action and began a job search for more satisfying work. Even with the average time to find a new job as six months, Mary thought it would be easy to keep her decision confidential until she was ready to resign. However, as time went on, Mary found it increasingly difficult to remain silent about her job search process. Not only was she excited about her job prospects and wanted to discuss them with her co-worker-friends, but she began to feel disloyal withholding her decision to leave from her employer. Mary consulted a career counselor and established a plan to pursue her career transition with integrity and good judgment. 1. To provide an outlet for sharing her job search process, Mary invited two friends, who were also considering a job change, to form a group that would meet regularly to offer each other support and encouragement. 2. Feeling guilty about her indifference and lack of commitment to her current job, Mary made a decision to increase her attention and energy at work until she was ready to resign. 3. Lastly, Mary realized that it was not necessary to inform her employer about her intention to leave until she could indicate a timeframe that would allow a plan for her replacement. Eventually, Mary became a finalist for a position she really wanted. The prospective employer requested references and Mary decided it was time to tell her boss and ask her to serve as a reference. Not knowing if she would get a job offer, Mary recognized that there was a risk in letting her employer know about her job search. But, at this point in her process, she felt ready for any outcome. Mary's timing was right for her and that was confirmed by the sense of relief she felt once she had a candid conversation with her employer. _ _ _ _ _ Barbara is currently accepting applications for her ninth annual Women's Retreat in Provence. Click on the link for photos and more details! _ _ _ _ _ Barbara and Heart At Work associate, Amy Jaffe, will co-present a workshop: "Averting Quarterlife and Midlife Crises in Your Workplace: 5 Key Retention Strategies" at the 2008 Annual Human Resources Convention in Rockport, Maine on May 8.