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Moving On

Our thanks to Barbara Babkirk, whose Heart At Work blog is moving to

Time to move on and thanks to my readers!

After seven years posting blogs and articles on, I’m moving on.

Should You Quit Your Job?

For most people, the idea of quitting their job is out of the question.

Let Go of the Plan. Be More Productive

Skip Work, Play Golf. 

That catchy line caught my eye as it began an ad for a premiere golf course.

Take a Vacation Before It Goes Away!

Have you heard about the troubling demise of the American vacation?

Stop Procrastinating in Four Steps

What’s on your “to do”  list that you just can&rsquo

Six Things Every Mom (or Dad) Should Know About Returning to the Workforce

“What could I possibly do that would add income to our family, and meaning and interest to my life?” These were the words of a woman MB

Take Stock of Your Career

“I haven’t looked at my resume for at least 10 years”, a client told me recently.

Should You Negotiate A Job Offer?

I often share this statistic with my clients who are finalists for a new job: 87% of employers expect applicants to negotiate the terms of the employment offer.